Why do we need access control turnstile gates? The importance and benefits of turnstile gates

July 05, 2023
Why do we need access control turnstile gates? The importance and benefits of turnstile gates

According to specific site needs, choose the right type and configuration of gates to help achieve a higher level of access management and security. 

The main points include the following:

1、Security management:

     Gates can effectively control and manage the entry and exit of people or vehicles, ensuring that only authorized people or vehicles can pass through. This is especially important for some high security level places or buildings, such as corporate office buildings, institutions, schools, hospitals, parking lots, etc.. Gates can reduce the entry of unauthorized persons and improve security.

2、Access management:

      The gates can record the time, quantity and identity information of people or vehicles entering and leaving, and store them in the system, 

which is convenient for managers to carry out daily access management and statistical analysis. This helps to improve efficiency, 

reduce management costs and provide data support as a basis for decision-making.

3、 Personnel flow control:

      The gate can adjust the mode and speed of passage according to the needs of the place and control the flow of people. In peak periods or places where access needs to be managed by time slots, gates can effectively control the flow of traffic to avoid congestion and chaos.

4、Resource saving:

     Equipped with gates can effectively reduce the need for manual supervision and management and make better use of human resources. The gate machine can automatically identify and verify the identity and automatically open and close the gate, reducing manual labor and workload.

5. Image and service quality enhancement:

   The installation of gates can significantly improve the image and management level of the place. For some high-grade places, equipping gates can give a high-tech, high-end impression and enhance the image and reputation of the place. At the same time, gates can also provide a more convenient, efficient and safe service experience and enhance user satisfaction.

   It is important to note that the installation of gates needs to be selected and customized according to the needs and characteristics of the specific place. Depending on the type of premises, gates can have different functions and security levels. Therefore, before installing a gate machine, it is recommended to fully understand your needs and consult with professional suppliers or manufacturers to choose the right gate model and configuration for the best use.

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