Advantages and characteristics of pedestrian passage swing gates

August 18, 2023

1. Easy to use

The existing access control managers only require simple training to work, and maintenance personnel for pedestrian access gates can identify faults through a few simple steps, which can be quickly and easily eliminated. The technology adopts the currently popular wireless network management system, and the pedestrian passage gate ensures that the management system will not fall behind for more than ten years.

2. Low overall cost

The use of advanced transmission methods for installation, debugging, and wiring of pedestrian passage gates alone can reduce a large amount of investment. In addition, the construction cycle is short, saving wire and labor costs, and easy maintenance. Therefore, the use of pedestrian passage gates has the advantage of lower costs. The pedestrian passage gate system adopts non-contact intelligent IC cards, also known as RF cards, which successfully solve the problems of multi-purpose, confidentiality, wear free, and easy operation of IC cards and improve practicality.

3. Easy to expand

The intelligent management system of the pedestrian passage gate adopts wireless communication mode, and the number of channels can be freely expanded by the passage gate. The software can set up new devices and follow control access control. The central control channel gate attaches great importance to the perfect integration of access control heads in the gate. Entering biometric technology, it can be combined with fingerprint recognition authentication, facial recognition authentication, and card authentication methods to improve the security level.

In summary, the three main characteristics of pedestrian passage gates are ease of use, low overall cost, and easy expansion.

The pedestrian passage gate can have multiple authorized cards, and the passage gate can be used for other aspects of application management. Such as attendance consumption, parking management, patrol personnel, etc. Good service and after-sales service for pedestrian passage gates means that when installing the corresponding control system, the number of intelligent passage brakes and elevator control equipment should be increased as needed. The hardware only needs to add the corresponding passage gates.

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