Swing Barrier


TDZ's swing barriers are divided into three categories: full-height swing barriers, half-height swing barriers, and standard swing barriers. They are used in high-grade office buildings, shopping malls, gymnasiums, airports, railway stations, exhibition halls, etc.

Full-height swing barriers mainly adopt steel structure and installation bolts, which have good anti-cutting, anti-drilling, and anti-impact abilities. Half-height swing barriers have the advantages of not taking up too much space and easy installation. The standard swing barrier is a cost-effective product, suitable for the entrance of various occasions, and can reliably guarantee the safe access of people.

The swing barriers have various protection functions such as anti-trailing, anti-impact, automatic reset, etc., effectively preventing personnel misoperation and accidental injury. In addition, the company also provides a variety of customized swing barrier solutions to meet the needs of different customers.

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