Tyre Killer


TDZ's Anti-Terrorist Tire Breaker is an efficient, safe, and convenient anti-terrorist device designed to prevent terrorists from using vehicles to carry out attacks on public places, vital facilities, and people. The product consists of multiple parallel aluminum alloy stingers. When a vehicle travels to the tire breaker area, the aluminum alloy stingers of the tire breaker will quickly bend and stick into the tire, thus stopping the vehicle from moving forward and ensuring safety. Used in railway stations, airports, bus stations, and gas stations.

The product has the following characteristics:

1. High efficiency: The stabbing needle can quickly penetrate the vehicle tire, effectively curbing the vehicle's speed.

2. Safety: The stabbing needle is made of aluminum alloy, which will not cause serious injury to the tires, and will not cause harm to pedestrians and vehicles.

3. Durable: The surface of the stinger needle is specially treated to withstand various harsh environments and has a long service life.

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